Day 207: all is well


Happy Sober Saturday,



Day 205: a bend in the road


If you recall from Day 192, I’ve been learning about the enneagram personality type system. I’m discovering some things about myself and those I’m closest to. It’s interesting and enlightening but also a little unsettling.

And when I feel unsettled, I crave comfort and security. And my brain seems to still associate those things with alcohol. ☹️ Annoying.

But this too shall pass.

Happy Sober Thursday,



Day 203: belated turtle celebration


On day 100, I celebrated with a bracelet and tree of life charm. You can see that post here if you’re curious. For day 200, I’ve treated myself in similar fashion (pun intended), this time with a symbolic turtle. If you’ve been following along for a while, you might recall several turtle references from this second set of 100 days, most notably from Day 120Day 131, and Day 149. I’ve been envisioning this little turtle, marching steadily along, with certitude, a quiet confidence, and surprising endurance. He inspires me and helps me feel proud of myself. I’m reminded that this journey is a long one, meant to be done step by step, day by day, with patience.


And I’m already looking foreword to choosing a symbol to represent the next 100 days. ☺️

Happy Sober Tuesday,