Day 330: eleven months



Today I’m grateful that…

an ongoing work problem seems to be improving quite a bit. I’m very pleased, and not at all ashamed, to take a portion of the credit for it myself too!

tonight I’ve had the wherewithal to delete my work email from my phone and won’t reinstall it until Monday. Sometimes just seeing it there gives me anxiety, even if there aren’t any new messages.

my teen girl along with her brother decorated our living room for Christmas today. And they did a beautiful job.

the husband is home with us for the duration, so no forced alone time with my mom will occur. Did I mention mom is visiting? Yeah. There’s that.


I’m not hosting thanksgiving.


Happy sober Thanksgiving Eve,







Day 329: at least we’re trying


I’m grateful today for…

finally finding an exercise routine that actually seems like it might be a fit. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time.

time in the car to listen to books. Yep, today I’m grateful for my commute!

having a job where every day I have the opportunity to help someone.

being married to someone who would rather make up than argue or be angry.

the knowledge that alcohol has more cons than pros, by a long shot.


Happy sober Tuesday,




Day 327: you be you


The husband said to me today – “you are very sensitive.” And I replied- “yes, yes I am! ☺️ But being sensitive isn’t a flaw; it’s a personality trait. Besides, you love me.”

Today was a good day – quality time and positive interactions with important people in my life. On top of that, some productivity and a bit of fun.

Happy sober Sunday,


Day 324: if you never did you should


Today there was…

1. sunshine.

2. a fun hour in a craft store.

3. a completed to-do list.

4. a clean house (with zero effort on my part).

5. a good time spent on the treadmill.

I think this treadmill thing might really work out by the way. I love the solitude, lack of weather, and the fact that I can see exactly what’s happening (speed, incline, time etc.). We keep it in a room with south-facing windows, so there’s often sun coming in. It has a shelf for all my stuff like water and phone. And there’s a fan! Trying new things sometimes pays off. ☺️

Happy sober Thursday,