T-16: Lies

Our booze soaked brains tell us so many lies.  Mine tells me I can’t go to bed sober because I won’t be able to sleep. It says I must drink wine when in a restaurant or there’s no point in being there.  It says adults drink and it’s a special privilege to be enjoyed despite any negative consequences. And once there is a drink in my hand, it says I want to keep drinking until I can’t anymore. Fortunately, I know the truth.  I spent nearly six months completely booze free last year and I didn’t miss a single nights sleep.  I still ate in restaurants – only I cared more about the food since I was no longer there just for the wine. Yes, I missed it very much in the beginning, and then very much from time to time.  But I also began to look forward to sober weekends, the quiet, the good sleep, the lack of guilt or fear or shame. I no longer worried about my health; I no longer feared that I had said or done something terrible that I couldn’t remember. I felt in control of my life.

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