T-9: Triggers

Today has been a day of travel. And now I’m at my mom’s for the duration. Lots of history, a bit of stress. But love and fun too.  And it’s the first Christmas without my dad. Feeling pretty pissed off when I think about this last part.

2 thoughts on “T-9: Triggers

  1. Not only are you back home, but at the holidays as well. I think sometimes we catapult right back into the roles we played as children when we “go home again.”
    Add that to the grief and anger and probably so many other feelings you must be experiencing this year following your dad’s death.
    Allow yourself lots of self-care. Rest when you need to. Get out of the house for breaks if it helps. Enjoy the good moments with joy and a thankful heart. Know that triggers come and then they pass.
    Take good care.

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