T-3: Christmas Cat

IMG_1285Today we all have been taking the example set by the sweet new kitty. Lots of lounging.

Once in a while I think about my quitting plans and feel some tension and The Voice. But I just try to push it away and not dwell on my fears about quitting. I’ve been reading “Recover to Live” by Christopher Kennedy Lawford. It includes some assessments to determine the degree to which someone might have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and all signs indicate I definitely need to quit. So there it is. I’ve made the decision. I know it’s a healthy decision. Now it’s time to face forward and build a new me.


One thought on “T-3: Christmas Cat

  1. I stumbled onto your posts. I quit (again!) 9 days ago. Think I’ll hop onto your wagon and travel along with you if you don’t mind. You got this. We got this. Alcohol is so not worth it. Here’s to 100 days, and hopefully many more.

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