Day 10: Fishing and Puppies

The dear husband and son are “gone fishing” for the weekend. This means the dear daughter and I are responsible for our two dogs, and my sister in law’s puppy. Sounds fun, right? It turns out not so much, actually.

The puppy has unlimited energy and sharp baby teeth.

The elderly dogs despise her. I think one of them might possibly have a nervous breakdown.

The puppy doesn’t like to be alone.

If you don’t let the puppy nibble at you, she barks.

Maybe I will also have a nervous breakdown.

Oh my.


Good thing there’s no wine in the house.

Just kidding. Sort of.


3 thoughts on “Day 10: Fishing and Puppies

  1. Triggers come in many shapes and sizes. And in as many shades of subtle.
    Mine, this week, came in the size of a six foot building contractor who thought he’d give me the run around; fairly subtle trigger. Started to feel like he was putting me off because I am a woman and he thought he could; little less subtle. Had to put on my professional, assertive woman Hat. You know the one. The ‘You really aren’t driving me around the bend – I am cool and confident and no my time is not less important than your time’ Hat.
    So the crew left at about… oh yes 4:30ish!
    Did I think to myself, “Good thing there’s no wine in the house. Just kidding. Sort of.” You bet I did!
    So I reminded myself of the HALT acronym. Asked myself if I was Hungry, Angry/Anxious, Lonely, Tired. Answered myself, “Yep, Anxious with some subtle Angry around the edges. Took myself for a 5 minute power walk around the block, then 10 minutes of Qi Gong to recharge. Better? Why yes, thank you!
    Journaling about it next day, I realized what a Big Deal my response actually was. My inner critic whispered, “Yeah, so you found a healthy way to manage a trigger. Could have been doing that years ago.”
    So I quickly sent that inner critic back to the mail room to sort envelopes and firmly shut the door.
    Then I gave myself a big hug and a super enthusiastic pep talk.
    This, for me, is the difference between sobriety (the not drinking part), and recovery (the learning and growing and feeling every moment and responding to it rather than reacting impulsively part). It’s consciously choosing a not- numbing life. Bet you are feeling some of this too.
    Oh, and by the way, there is nothing subtle about being incessantly mauled by razor sharp puppy teeth!! 🙂
    Hope your weekend is a time of adventure and discovery. 10 days!!! YIPPEE!!

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    1. Love it! Thanks for the story. Sobriety vs. Recovery. Maybe this is the difference between those who can drink in a heathy way and those who cannot. Healthy drinkers don’t drink to escape from life. When my dad was dying, we all had a drink or two (some of us more) at the end of each day. After it was over, my husband commented that his beer made him feel better and maybe he should have a beer after work to feel better too. And then he went with nah, that’s probably not a good idea and didn’t do it. It was an easy choice for him.


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