Day 11: Tea

Took the darling daughter and her sweet friend out for dinner tonight. I ordered hot tea and since we were in a Japanese restaurant, they brought it in a pretty ceramic cup with a beautiful teapot on the side. Nice! This was my first meal out wine-free in a very long time.

Then a family of four sat down across from us. The husband ordered a beer. (Yes, I was listening intently.) And the wife asked for water! Water?! I was happy to be able to avoid wine envy, but I also wondered why she wasn’t drinking. Doesn’t everyone drink ? I guess not.

Afterwards we got in the car and I had my usual after dinner craving for wine. Some people crave a cigarette after a meal, but not this girl. Full stomach equals perfect environment for a big glass of merlot. Or four. And then I drove home and ate a rice crispy bar.

I read somewhere recently that “everybody white knuckles it sometimes,” and I found this oddly comforting. So now when I have a craving, I try to just acknowledge it as a normal thing that happens and move on. At least The Voice doesn’t come out as often or as early as it did when I was drinking.

Happy day 11 to me. 🙂

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