Day 12: The End

Today is the end of my winter break. The end of morning coffee in bed. The end of quiet days at home with my doggies.

I’m very fortunate to get these breaks. I appreciate them very much.

I also know that going back to work will bring stress and fatigue which means I’ll need to watch out for overwhelm. I’m thinking baths after dinner each night might be in order. Maybe some tea or a mocktail of some sort. And chocolate. 🙂





4 thoughts on “Day 12: The End

  1. Yup! Make a ritual of it for a while. A nice tea cup. Bath salts. Maybe even night cream. Lol
    It feels good to pamper yourself a little. And if it feels special you won’t feel like you are missing anything.

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  2. I’m really digging tea lately! Especially in the cold weather. Baths are nice too! Just do whatever you need to, to make a new routine. You’ve got this! xoxo!


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