Day 14: Whine

Some days all you can do is whine.

Why me? Everyone else gets to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Why not me? Am I really going to give up wine forever?! What a bullshit idea! Waaaaaaaaa… this sucks!

I think my troubles started last night when I suggested to the husband that we eat out on Friday night. I was thinking of the place where I like to order a lovely fish with amazing glaze/rice/veggie something or other. It’s one of those places that serves dishes you (I) have no idea how to replicate at home. But then he suggested we use a gift card from my birthday which is for a different restaurant. Well…this other place is all about steak. Delicious medium rare gorgeous beef. With red wine. Of course. Oh dear.

It’s amazing how quickly the desire to quit fades away once you start feeling better. Apparently in my case it’s about two weeks.


11 thoughts on “Day 14: Whine

  1. I totally get and have lived exactly what you are feeling!!! Right now I feel resilient in my relationship with wine – but also felt this way before I had a relapse after 4 AF months…. It came out of nowhere it seemed while on vacation. So now I’ve decided to avoid certain situations plus my home is now a 100% wine free zone. Just last weekend I switched dinner reservations to an old favourite from an exciting new place. I checked out the new place menu online and discovered cocktails and happy hour are HUGE there. I agree with bluebird….save your gift card for some time later!

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  2. Yes. I had many, many why mes and many many months of planning to quit on Monday and then drinking again on Friday. I had no problem not drinking during the week. Which, of course, made it easy for me to convince myself that I was FINE.

    So. Consider a few things. Maybe it’s not a good time to eat out? We pretty much stopped going to restaurants for a while. I like to cook, and I’m celiac, so it was simpler.
    Or consider this an experiment. Does wine actually make the steak better? My experience is it doesn’t. Steak is still delicious. Plus, without booze the bill is a fraction of the price.

    If you do go, perhaps you need to enlighten your spouse to not drink with you. Even if you think it doesn’t bother you, it probably will. And when we put ourselves in situations that are even mildly uncomfortable that voice of why me becomes very demanding.

    Hugs. You are doing great. Stick with the experiment. See what is true and what is just old, conditioned beliefs.


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  3. I’m with Anne on this one. Hold off on the eating out for a bit. I can tell you that I considered myself a “foodie” and loved all the bullshit “wine pairing”. But it was all an excuse to drink. When I look back, I realize that I never once appreciated really good food, because it was spoiled by me being too buzzed to notice the taste. So if you do go out, then try to focus on the food and order an really excellent dessert, instead of “saving calories” for wine.

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  4. I’m on day 40 today, and the whole last week I have really been going through the whole “Why can’t I” phase….ugh! I know it will pass, but it sure is annoying. Hang in there! Lately, when I’ve been eating out and would usually order a glass of wine, I remember the calories I am saving (not to mention the $$$$) 🙂


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