Day 15: Commitment

First, thanks so much for all the encouraging words on yesterday’s post. I indulged in a bit of whining and you rescued me from my own crazy self. Thank you. 🙂

Something I have learned over the years (47 years to be exact) is that things really do look different after a good night of sleep (and usually better). Time and time again I go to bed feeling distressed or frustrated or sad only to find a completely new perspective in the morning. And this morning was no exception.

Today I am focusing on the commitment I made to being sober for 100 days straight. Today I don’t need to think about anything beyond that, and so I won’t. In the grand scheme of things, 100 days is nothing. I can always drink again later. And I don’t need to decide anything about “later” until, well… later. 🙂

Happy day 15 to me. I hope you all are having a happy day too.


6 thoughts on “Day 15: Commitment

  1. For me, the emotional roller coaster aspect has been the hardest part. One minute I’m feeling confident and coasting along, the next I feel like I’m having a huge two year old tantrum. You were so wise to reach out and post when you were struggling. This “inter-web” community support thing is really a miracle sometimes. Having the courage to ask for support brings amazing results. And it is as you said, surprising how a good night’s sleep, or a snack, or a walk, or whatever seems right in the moment can bring a whole new perspective.
    This journey (at least early on) is damn hard sometimes. Awe inspiring sometimes, joyful at times, feels good sometimes. But it is also HARD work sometimes. The things in life that are really worthwhile often are.
    15 days is epic! You are a sober rock star! HOORAY for you, truly. 🙂

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