Day 17: Dad

Since I wrote about my mom yesterday, it occurred to me that maybe I should write something about my dad. After all, it’s hard to think of one without thinking of the other.

Then I looked at the calendar. And realized. Today is my dad’s birthday. Gasp. Wow. I guess this shows how I have tried to push him to the back of my mind. It’s still just too hard to think about him much. My dad would be 77 today.

And now I feel almost speechless.

I used his suffering and my angst over it as an excuse to drink more than I knew I should. He would not have liked that if he had known. But he would have understood. He was very happy when I quit drinking in 2016. And when I started again, he let me know in his way that he understood. I think he was very aware of the struggle that alcohol can bring. I think he struggled himself.

My Dad was my biggest fan and always made me feel loved.


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