Day 20: Cupcake

I’m reading Cupcake Brown’s memoir A Piece of Cake. It’s interesting to see how she recovered, especially after her truly horrific childhood and extreme drug and alcohol abuse. It makes me think if she can live a sober life, anyone can.

I haven’t gotten too far into her recovery yet, but so far it seems to me that connection with others and daily support of some kind are the keys.

Tomorrow will be 21 days!

3 thoughts on “Day 20: Cupcake

  1. You are moving right a long! Yes, I agree daily support and connection with others seem to be key! I just finished the Sober Diaries (loved it) and am halfway through Mrs. D is going without (so far so good). Hope you are feeling better!

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  2. I am following your journey! I am on day 17 and I wanted to find somebody who is doing this thing about where I am. Keep on going, things are getting better for me, wine o’clock still gives me pause, but I’m not counting down to it anymore.

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