Day 23: Banish

I’m reading “Unhooked, How to Quit Anything” by Woolverton and Shapiro and thought I’d share my favorite bit so far.

When you banish a toxic habit from your life, you are making room for something beautiful to take its place.

I love this! It affirms that sobriety is a life improvement and gives you something to look forward to – something beautiful!

I also love the power behind the word banish. Not quit or give up – those sound like losses. Instead – banish! Banish is what you do to someone who won’t behave in society. You chase them away.

I am banishing a toxic habit from my life in order to make room for something beautiful. The next time someone asks me why I’m not drinking, that’s what I’m going to say! 🙂

I’m also banishing Wolfie, The Voice, And the Wine Witch. They have all been behaving quite badly.

Happy sober day to you all,

Jen without wine (because it’s been banished)


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