Day 25: Anticipation

My day 30 celebratory treat has been ordered and is scheduled for on-time arrival. And, as a bonus, this means I can’t even consider drinking for the next five days. 🙂

I’m treating myself to a Stitch Fix box.

The universe has very sweetly given me $50 in referral credits to spend too, so it’s a totally guilt-free treat. I haven’t gotten referrals in a long time, so it seems sort of meant to be.

I highly recommend anticipation as a motivator. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 25: Anticipation

  1. I like the idea of planning for mini celebrations with treats. These make us feel special (which we are) and remind us that this journey is worth celebrating each important milestone. It is lovely to plan ahead for something that really matters to you as well!
    What is a Stitch Fix Box? I am quite curious. 🙂
    Happy Day 25 Jen!!!

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