Day 28: Irrational

I like to listen to Belle’s podcasts while I drive. I have a long commute, so lots of time to listen and I find Belle’s voice to be soothing. And, of course, her ideas support me in what I’m doing with this whole non-drinking thing, so there’s that. 🙂

Today Belle likened a drinking compulsion to other compulsions like eating disorders, phobias, compulsive hand washing, etc.  She said that when The Voice speaks to us, it is as irrational as a voice that says to be under 100 pounds will make you a better person or a voice that says you will surely get a terrible disease if you don’t wash your hands again and again and again.

So…We have an irrational compulsion to overuse a toxic substance. We banish the substance from our lives and the compulsion fades. We recognize the voice of the compulsion as irrational and learn to ignore it.

This reminds me of the movie “A Beautiful Mind.” Schizophrenic John Nash realizes that some of the people he sees and thinks he’s talking to aren’t actually real and learns to ignore them.

Huh. Something to think about.

Jenwithoutwine (ignoring The Voice)

One thought on “Day 28: Irrational

  1. Reminds me too of the voice of the “inner critic.” The more you notice and acknowledge the voice, the less power it has to make you give yourself a hard time.
    I am finding the more time passes, the less insistent the voice is. The more rapidly I can address the voice, “I hear you. I’m not listening to you today” and move on with less drama.
    Happy Day 28 Jen! Hope the snow is less harrowing.

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