Day 31: Brain Training

I think I mentioned once before that my brain believes a full stomach in the evening is the perfect environment for a big glass of Merlot.(In fact, when I say a big glass, I really mean several big glasses, but that probably goes without saying, right?)  Very often, near the end of a satisfying dinner, my brain will say something like – awesome, now you can start drinking! Or even, – hurry up and finish so that you can start drinking! In my previous efforts to minimize hangovers with food before alcohol, I taught my brain this unfortunate habit.

And now that the Merlot is literally, and figuratively, off the table, I’ve obviously been doing things a bit differently. After dinner (and after I tell my brain to shut the F… up), I often have some sort of dessert. I find that some sugar calms down my craving for wine, distracts me just enough, etc. And I eat it in bed, because bed is my favorite. And because the living room was my drinking spot.

So last week I bought a ginormous bag of peanut butter M&Ms and put it in a drawer next to my bed. And every night since, I get into bed, ready to relax, and eat a handful or two (or even three). And life seems good and I don’t obsess about wine.

And here’s where it gets interesting! Last night I was eating my chicken dinner, almost done with the meal, and guess what popped into my head. My brain said to me – oh good, now you can go eat your M&Ms!

Seriously. Our brains are that easily trained. 🙂

Happy Sober Day to all of you, and happy Friday too!

Jenwithoutwine (with M&Ms instead)

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