Day 40: Why Blog

Ten reasons I blog:

1. Writing out my thoughts helps me organize them and really figure them out.

2. Looking back at the history of my thoughts helps me see patterns and remember feelings that have since changed.

3. Daily checking in keeps me on track towards my goal and gives me accountability.

4. Blogging connects me with other sober humans and helps me realize that I’m not alone in this.

5. It gives me an outlet – something to do when my brain seems to be working against me.

6. I get great advice, ideas, and support from readers. Thank you!

7. It takes the pressure off of my loved ones – The Voice doesn’t speak to them, so it’s difficult for them to help me combat it.

8. Some readers say it helps them too. 🙂 Love this.

9. It’s a project and I love projects.

10. Writing (and sometimes picture-taking) is fun!

Why do you blog?

3 thoughts on “Day 40: Why Blog

  1. I blog because I love the connection. I read many blogs and love to comment (lol) and so I decided to start my own blog.
    It is a place to vocalize my thoughts and to get and receive support.
    In the end, our specifics might seem different, but we really all just want love.

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