Day 43: Another Day

Morning: felt good, listened to podcasts on the way to work, had lots of ideas for things to blog about but no way to write them down

Work: went great, good mood, best energy since the flu, but developed a headache (why?)

Evening: headache lead to wine cravings (quick looked the other way), made dinner without getting overwhelmed (major victory in my world), and now I can’t remember any of my blogging ideas from this morning. 🙂 oh well

Just another day!

jenwithoutwine – is going to bed 🙂




9 thoughts on “Day 43: Another Day

  1. Interesting about the mag citrate. I am at day 96. I have chosen to re-label those end of the day cravings: I now view them as sugar cravings and I address them with some food and drink. Some times, I cave to the craving and have a big glass of non-alcoholic apple cider or grape juice. Pretty sugary. Trying to look for healthier options. I get headaches too occasionally and I often think it might be dehydration. Oh how I love that I have taken my health to a new level by going alcohol free! XOXO

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    1. Yes! Very good point about a new level of taking care of ourselves. I went to the doctor for a prescription check the other day and I so badly wanted the nurse to ask me the standard alcohol question about how much I drink. I was excited to tell the absolute truth for once!


  2. I have been having homemade choc truffles that are almost dairy and sugar free when my cravings hit and they can’t be too bad as I’ve been eating 2-4 a day and my jeans are still getting looser!! When I had headaches I definitely upped the water drinking and usually gave in with an early night. Hugs to you all PMNM xxx


      1. Do what’s working. Who cares about jeans! I bet you eyes are brighter and your face looks younger. And you mind is calmer and you life is even just a little better. That trumps everything.

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      2. Bless you! It’s only because week 1 and 2 I realised that I was replacing alcohol with cake and pastries!! I’m really no angel. Am just messing around with a few healthy recipes to see if any stick. I could very soon be joining in with the ice creams!!! Whatever keeps us smiling I say xxx

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