Day 44: Why not Moderation?

I’m practicing what to say when asked why I don’t “just drink moderately.” Or “just on weekends.” Because, you know, the truth is I can drink moderately… sometimes. Everyone who knows me has seen me do it, so why don’t I just do that? Hah!

So here’s my response:

“If I choose to drink again, I will have to accept that some nights will not end as I have intended. I’ll drink more than I had planned on, possibly embarrass myself, and surely wreck my sleep. Not to mention the hangover. And it just isn’t worth it to me right now. Maybe I’ll drink again after I retire.”

The end.

And by the way, retirement for me will be in 13 years if I’m very, very lucky. 🙂

Happy sober day to you all.


2 thoughts on “Day 44: Why not Moderation?

  1. That is very thoughtful. Quite a bit of information. For me, it is mostly people who don’t know me that well who say such things to me. I ignore them with a bland “Hm, maybe you’re right.” Essentially I deflect things because the key for me is this: most people don’t really care/notice that much what I am doing, they aren’t really that interested in my response, and a bland response sends them on their way. A long, thoughtful response tends for me to invite a longer conversation which I really don’t enjoy. Unlike our conversations on these blogs which I thoroughly enjoy! XOXO

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    1. I’m the opposite. It’s the people who know me well as a lover of wine who ask questions and have trouble understanding. But really I’m not sure yet that I’ll have the guts to actually say all of those things. We’ll see.


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