Day 48: Limits

Maybe you (or I) don’t always see quitting alcohol as a sort of freedom. After all, we are removing the freedom to drink, the easy off switch, the very popular adult pastime. We’re  drawing a hard line in the sand, setting a nonnegotiable limit.

Today I was reading Augusten Burroughs’ This is How and came across some interesting thoughts about limits.

“Limits are actually opportunities. Limits force you to make the best of things, and making the best of things is a creative act. Limits force improvisation. Improvisation creates new things.

When you have total freedom, no limits at all, you stop trying to make the best of things. This is the problem with having it all. There is nothing left to want. Everything around you is of equal weight. Value drains away from life.

Not having it all is good. Losing something or giving it away is good.

I don’t believe you can feel deep satisfaction in your life unless your life contains restless areas, holes, imperfections, shit.”

So if you feel like getting sober has left a hole in your life, or is just plain shitty, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe it’s an opportunity to create something new.

A new you. 🙂

jenwithoutwine (a new me)

4 thoughts on “Day 48: Limits

  1. I love that. It is so true. I use the Tao Te Ching often when I teach yoga. It has the same sentiment. Without good, there can’t be bad. Without ugliness, no beauty.
    We need those hard times to recognize the good.

    Off to get that book from amazon.

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