Day 49: Focus

Today’s rumination includes another gem borrowed from Mr. Burroughs:

”Focus is water and sunlight. It causes growth.”

I think this means the things we choose to focus on grow, while those we choose to ignore wither and maybe even die.

So today  I’m going to focus on…

  • the happiness of indulging in creature comforts – fuzzy socks, candles, a hot bath, chocolate.
  • how great it feels to wake up every morning feeling healthy and whole.
  • the pleasure of looking for, and finding, blogging inspiration.
  • the often goofy, sometimes hilarious people I live with.
  • how my sobriety allows me to remake myself, my identity, my life.


And I’m going to choose to ignore…

  • images of a shiny glass of whatever.
  • worries about the future.
  • the things about people that annoy me.
  • thoughts of loss or any sort of woe is me thinking.

For me, this ignoring is a kind of turning away. When a thought or an image that I don’t want comes into my mind, I, almost literally, turn and look the other way. This has mostly worked for me, now for nearly 50 days. 🙂

What are you going to choose to focus on today?



2 thoughts on “Day 49: Focus

  1. Yes! I like the idea of literally turning away. A physical action imprints better on my mind; similar to writing something down to remember/memorize instead of just thinking about it. So I will try it myself. Frequently I catch myself thinking about drinking but I immediately recall other’s blog posts about ‘just one’s or moderation and the frighteningly fast descent back into the pit of poison.
    I have been (unofficially) moderating for at least 10+ years. It’s a major victory to abstain for a day or two. Peace and strength to you.

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