Day 55: Please remember…

…negative emotions are not permanent.

This is a reminder to myself.

Yesterday was what I would describe as a flat day. It wasn’t actually a bad day. I got some things done, the daughter had fun at her new job, the husband cooked a nice dinner. But I also had an annoying conversation with my mom, ran out of interesting things to do, and ended the day in a bit of a funk.

And that’s when the the negative thoughts started:

Is this what retirement will be like? Well this is nothing to look forward to. 

My problem is I don’t have a hobby.  I can never find one interesting enough. 

I always lose energy when the sun goes down. I’m too lazy.

I shouldn’t have eaten all that sugar. Maybe now I have a sugar addiction.

Blah Blah Blah

A while ago, when I was recovering from the flu, my energy was very low and although I was back at work, I was just sort of limping along. And I was feeling quite despondent. I remember thinking- what’s the point of any of this? Life is a misery. There really isn’t much joy, nothing to look forward to. We just suffer through it all and then we die.

Oh my.

And then just a few days after that, my energy returned. I was feeling much better and was quite happy again. When I looked back on those negative thoughts, they seemed bizarre to me – a lifetime away even.

It’s really kind of amazing how a mood can change.

When I was drinking, I also had good days and bad days, exciting days and dull days. That’s just life. Getting sober doesn’t change the normal ebb and flow of moods. And neither does drinking. And if you drink to escape a low mood, it might work in that moment, but then when it’s time for the good mood to cycle back around, you’re either hung over or caught up in the obsession over when to drink again (or both).

It just isn’t worth it.


Happy Monday to all of you. I hope you are in the happy flow portion of your mood-cycle! But if you are not, remember that’s it’s just an ebb. It’s not permanent.




One thought on “Day 55: Please remember…

  1. Wise reminders. It is amazing how when looking back at the beginning of a day so much has moved through. Life is definitely dynamic. And so are emotions.
    Have a lovely evening Jen.

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