9 thoughts on “Day 57: Podcasts Please!

  1. Perfect timing! I just discovered The Bubble Hour podcast and highly recommend it. It started in 2012 and the hosts interviewed Mrs. D just after her first book came out. These ladies cover lots of topics and have personal experience with similar issues to our own. There are a multitude of guests, whether they be published authors, or bloggers or just regular people sharing their own stories. I always get something important and interesting out of each episode.
    Please try them out – start at the beginning then just browse for subjects that interest you. I am currently listening to the 2013 episodes. Here is a link:

    I also linked to them from my own blog: retiredfromdrinking.com
    Peace and strength to you.

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  2. Try Get Busy Living by Benny Hsu. Not about drinking, but making other positive changes of all sorts. The guy is an inspiration. It’s not like he’s some fantastic motivational speaker. But here he is. With his own motivational speakig podcast. He’s got somethin figured out correctly. ,

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