Day 62: What to do with all this extra time…

Sober living does free up quite a bit of time. 🙂

In search of a new hobby? Try this brainstorming technique:

In childhood I enjoyed…

pretending things, reading, inventing, getting dirty, walking in the woods, board games, puzzles, crafts, painting, swimming, fishing, writing, collecting, sledding.

As a young adult, I became interested in…

ballet, pottery, running, baking, decorating, traveling, music, self-help, journaling, exercise videos.

I have always wanted to…

be fit and artistic.

Some things I have been surprised to enjoy are…

jet-skiing, watching basketball, snorkeling.

Things I’d like to try again now…

pinterest projects, an art class, making fancy desserts, old exercise videos, short runs with music or podcasts, yoga, gourmet restaurants. 


I’d love to hear suggestions too!


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