Day 63: That. I want some of That.

I was reading sober blogs today and came across this “note from someone with three years sober” written by Lisa Neumann of

We no longer talk about wanting to drink, cravings, raging behavior, irritability, confusion, black-outs, or our spouse’s limited perspective on sobriety. We are engaged in life. We are living fully. We are contributing. We are evolving.

Yes. That is the place I would like to get to. I hope it doesn’t take three entire years though. 🙂

She also wrote a long list of notes to someone “with only eight days of sobriety.” These are the parts that resonate with me today:

You don’t get the joys of eight years sober, you get the joys of eight days sober. Stop being miserable over stuff you haven’t earned. We earn peace of mind because we have learned to receive and act in accordance with peace.


Ask someone with zero sober days if eight days would be great. They would love to be where you now stand. Stop acting like it is no big deal.

I get the joys of 63 days sober. And there are many.

Little by little, step by step, my sober life is taking shape. It might take three years to get to a place of complete freedom, but it seems worth it to me today.




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