Day 67: Sobriety Tests

In early sobriety I think it’s extremely important to hibernate a bit. Avoid alcohol, avoid places where people drink, avoid people who like to over drink. Avoid testing your sobriety. And I’ve done that. In 67 days I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve left my house to go someplace where alcohol would be available. And I felt a bit anxious each of those times, so I think it’s been very smart to avoid these situations as much as possible.

Also, I’m very lucky that my husband doesn’t drink much. He only drinks beer and usually only socially. In fact, I said to him the other day – I’ve been watching you. And you do not give a shit about alcohol. He pretty much agreed and said he rarely drinks because he doesn’t like how it makes him feel the next day. As if that is a good enough reason not to drink. Where did this man come from?! 😋

This weekend said husband is out of town with our son for a basketball tournament. They are staying in a hotel with the rest of the team, parents, etc. When he called me last night to check in, he mentioned that everyone was going to the pool to watch the boys swim and drink some beers. Immediately my stomach knotted up with anxiety. And I wasn’t even there! I was safely at home in my jammies with zero chance of being expected to drink or hang out while others do. Yet I was unhappy at the thought of a situation that even had the potential to be a problem for me. After all, I could have been there. In fact, I went along last year and participated in that exact activity (with wine instead of beer, of course).

So, there will be many tests to endure when the time comes and I can’t say that I’m looking forward to them.

Tonight I am looking forward instead to round two of safety hibernating with jammies and ginger ale.

Happy sober Saturday,




3 thoughts on “Day 67: Sobriety Tests

  1. They aren’t tests to endure. They are just opportunities for evaluation.
    You might be surprised at how little others drink…or you may notice how obvious it is when someone drinks a lot.
    I still generally avoid drinking focused events. We do go to concerts in bars, but I prefer larger venues.
    The first year is full of new experiences. You will be ok.

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      1. I went on a hockey tournament recently with my 14 year old. I can on,y say at some point the kids are glad to not have loud, drinking parent.
        I still chatted with the other parents, but I also rented a car and did my own thing.
        It was fun.

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