Day 76: Stairs can be sucky.

6FCC82B3-C36D-455F-B6A9-27ABD5B29774So I did 30 minutes of beginner yoga today, and, wouldn’t you know, it was harder than I thought it would be. And afterwards I didn’t feel as wonderful as I wanted to. Oh woe is me. This is my typical reaction when it comes to exercise. 🙄

But I did it and I liked it enough to try again. And I got to mark a “yes” on my app thingy to say that I exercised. So there you go.

Oh yeah, and it’s been 76 entire days since I’ve had a drop of alcohol (actually, it was probably a bottle of wine), so there’s that too. 😊

Today I feel grateful for…

1. the Bubble Hour podcast.

2. the Child’s Pose (but not the Downward Dog!).

3. raspberries mixed with vanilla yogurt.

While listening to the Bubble Hour today I heard two things I’d like to pass on. 1. Sobriety is the number one life hack. It makes everything easier. 2. If you’re trying to quit and struggling, don’t give up. Try something different, but don’t give up. Yes, I’m talking to you.

Happy Sober Monday. I hope the sun is shining today where you are.


3 thoughts on “Day 76: Stairs can be sucky.

  1. Eventually downward dog may become more delicious than child’s pose. I like the full body stretch!
    I do have a class that likes to hold downward dog for 3 minutes. It took a while to enjoy that. Lol


  2. I love the Bubble Hour too! “Try something different, but don’t give up” reminds me of what Anne (above) often says: change one small thing. I think of that so often when I am overwhelmed. Especially with all the “good” things I could be doing for myself. There are so many things. So many of them so truly wonderful. But if I focus on one small change at a time, I feel less stuck.
    I applaud you for trying yoga today!
    I celebrate you for 76 wine free days!
    The sun is still shining here at 7:15 pm and it’s weird (we changed to Daylight Saving Time where I live just yesterday).
    There is always something new to adjust to, big or small.
    Aint life grand!
    Happy Monday to you Jen.

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