Day 85: Cranky Pants


So I had a great day, until I didn’t.

Great stuff: Cool Bubble Hour podcast that lasted through my commute both to work and back. Interesting and kind comments on the blog. Decent work day and easier day yet on the horizon. Nothing bad happened.

So why the cranky pants? I’m not sure exactly.

The thought pattern goes something like this: I’m pissed off that I still seem to need so much sleep. I think it’s because I do zero cardio but the thought of doing anything about it just pisses me off more. Then I’m mad that my life isn’t more interesting and the darling husband doesn’t seem to care. Which leads to a memory of a fairly exotic trip we went on several years ago and of course there is a large glass of wine at the focal point of the memory. And that in itself pisses me off. Why is it that every bad mood needs to lead to thoughts of alcohol? Then I remember how much I like my desserts now that I’m not drinking and oh yeah we’re all out of cake or anything like it. Grrrrrr….

So it’s just a bad mood.

I’m compensating with a double dose of ginger ale and a bath with music and all the candles.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

And if the husband doesn’t want to do anything new or adventurous, maybe I’ll just do something new and adventurous on my own. I’m a grown woman. I can do anything I like, right? Huh. Maybe I will.

Cranky but glad to be sober anyway.



3 thoughts on “Day 85: Cranky Pants

  1. Hi Jen. It’s been nice to follow your progress. Congratulations! I’m nearing the one year mark after nearly 4 decades of gradually increasing drinking that led to an average of 3-4 glasses of wine a night after work (I have a high-stress job in higher ed). Found it easiest to just quit. Anyway, I have found so much to do now that I’m not pickling myself (to borrow Jean’s phrase). I am taking painting classes, having never picked up a brush before. I had our piano tuned and am teaching myself how to play again. I am taking French lessons online before I completely forget everything I learned decades ago. I see friends instead of isolating, and I watch a bunch of TV on Netflix, something I never allowed myself to do before. I hang out with my husband, too. : ) There is a rich life after alcohol, just as I hoped. This is a great time for you to explore what makes YOU happy. Try to bring a little play into your life. Have fun!


    1. I love it! You sound like a happier and more fulfilled version of me. I work in higher ed too.
      :-)Thanks so much for taking the time to write and for sharing your wonderful story. Congrats on almost a year. That is awesome.


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