Day 87: Freaking Fridays


Friday: the day I am most likely to romanticize the drink.

Why do I want to drink ethanol? And wake up at 3am wide awake and sick? And how about that droopy face people get when they drink? Well that’s not attractive.

Nope. Not going there.

On a more positive note…

I’m planning a trip to Chicago with the lovely daughter for her sixteenth birthday this summer. Just the two of us.  This is WAY out of my normal comfort zone and thus scary but also very exciting. I’ve never been there, so it will require lots of planning and energy. And a sober brain. 😊

I traveled a lot as a twenty-something (Japan, Russia, UK, Austria, Italy, Greece, etc.) but after marriage, a lot less and a lot less adventurously.

Most recently I remember feeling proud when I took the kids to Florida by myself to visit my parents. That is not a big adventure, in case you weren’t sure.

What happened to my independence? What happened to that brave young woman?

Might just have to do something about that.

Hope you are all having a great sober Friday.





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