Day 95: Easter Eve


Moods come and go. Sometimes you just have to put your head down and trudge forward, keeping faith that you are headed in the right direction.

I’m struggling with low energy lately, needing an afternoon nap despite a full night’s sleep. PAWS? Depression? Lack of sunshine? An uncomfortable mattress? Not sure.

There is good in today because…

1. Easter baskets are ready to go.

2. won’t be hiding eggs only to have no memory of where I put them (did that two years in a row).

3. most of the in-laws are out of town so tomorrow will be very low key.

Happy Easter if you celebrate it,


2 thoughts on “Day 95: Easter Eve

  1. I once hid a birthday present and couldn’t remember where I put it. It was one of the last scary things that let me know, in a big way, that my brain was compromised and it was time to be done.
    I think it takes time for the brain, emotions, and moods to heal and even out. This has been my experience so far anyhow.
    On the other hand, life in the world without wine also includes times of feeling low energy, a bit flat, or depressed. I am looking forward to the day when living sober means I look at these things as part of life rather than wondering – endlessly – if it’s related in some way to not drinking.
    Happy low-key Easter Jen.


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