Day 97: looking for the comeback


I do feel like I’ve had a bit of a mental setback lately with cravings and a loss of motivation for much of anything. Hopefully the above quote turns out to be true.

Thursday will be 100 days. Triple digits sounds like such a good thing. My personal best is 173, so I’m really looking forward to getting to that number. And then 200 since it’s such a nice round number and seems deserving of a treat.

Still putting one foot in front of the other, trying to keep my face turned towards the proverbial sun, etc.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for my tiny sweet doggie who cuddles me every night?

Here she is in her sweater because the dag-blasted winter will not end around here.



3 thoughts on “Day 97: looking for the comeback

  1. I have to remind myself almost daily that it is healthy not to expect myself to be “perfect” right away, or next week, or ever at figuring out and living this sober life. Because not drinking looks and feels different every day. Sometimes it feels different many moments in the same day.
    I always appreciate the posts and shared wisdom of the “long timers” who say it gets easier with time.
    I have faith this is true. 🙂 Some stretches of time it already really feels that way too!
    Your little doggie is so precious. Thanks for sharing her photo!
    My morning meditation, journaling, and sober-blog reading companion is my dear tabby kitty. There is no overstating the importance of relationships with our furry family members.

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  2. Noticing cravings is not a setback. It’s a good sign of self awareness.
    Ask yourself what you are craving…relaxation? Excitement? Numbness? And consider alternatives.
    It’s powerful to see our inner motivation. And not always easy!


    1. So wise. I think I’ve been craving numbing. I’ve been feeling bored and tired of the dreary weather. Sometimes I just want to escape the monotony and tune everything out.


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