Day 101: letting go



We ate dinner in a restaurant tonight. It’s one of those places that makes The Voice smile wickedly and say – now surely we will have wine here! Something about the lighting, the furniture, the overall ambiance of the place screams wine-drinking to me. And of course there was wine all over the place, in those oversized wine glasses that I used to love. Used to. I hadn’t been to this place since I quit drinking. I guess it’s pretty obvious why.

But. Their food is amazing. Every dish is unique and something most people (me for sure anyway) would have no idea how to prepare themselves. And tonight I found out they serve a nonalcoholic version of a cocktail that involves lemonade, pomegranate, fresh blueberries, and mint. Seriously?! The server also offered me a nonalcoholic mohito! And there was molten lava cake with delicious decaf coffee for dessert. I did have a few moments of sadness over the wine, but the coffee and cake were very satisfying and I wouldn’t have had either if I had been drinking.

So I’m letting go of the wine in favor of other things. It’s not perfect yet, but I’m getting there.

Happy Sober Friday,


(p.s. I just realized it’s a dreaded Friday night and I didn’t have a bad day or feel miserable!)😁



2 thoughts on “Day 101: letting go

  1. This quote is so very powerful.
    Your post came at a good time for me.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and the wisdom you are finding in the world, too.
    Happy sober weekend!

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