Day 108: think like a tree


Another Friday done and dusted. I had a pretty good day but need to get a handle on my sugar consumption. It feels good in the moment but leads to crankiness later. Sort of like some other bad habits of which I am aware. And probably I suppose causes weight gain too. 😳 And the exercise thing is still eluding me – why can’t I ‘just do it’? Argh.


But. I am grateful today for…

my son’s sweet face and equally sweet disposition.

my daughter’s dry wit and beautiful smile.

my husband’s easy-going and generous nature.

my sweet doggies.

candles and cupcakes.


Happy Sober Weekend,



5 thoughts on “Day 108: think like a tree

  1. Thanks again Jen!
    Fridays are still sometimes a little fraught for me.
    I like how you acknowledge the challenges AND look for the gratitudes.
    Very holistic and authentic, this approach.
    A crucial strategy for creating new neural pathways in the brain.
    A self-compassionate way to heal.
    Happy Weekend,


  2. There’s an undercurrent of peace in your posts these days. Also progress, determination, honesty, reality, and serenity…changing the things you can. Look forward to your posts every day.

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