Day 116: calming anxiety

0553830A-BC21-4F87-A5C7-56A9864C0617This weekend has been a good opportunity to put some mindfulness and yoga practice to work.

I discovered this very interesting single nostril breathing exercise that is quite calming. (Side note: Apparently Hillary Clinton used it during the presidential campaign.  Huh. I’d make a snarky Trump comment here, but maybe that would be inappropriate.)

I also discovered that mindfulness exercises are extremely difficult when your thoughts are bouncing around like they’re in a pinball machine. I guess I need more practice.

Unfortunately, my brain seems to think it might be helpful to try to anticipate every bad thing that could happen, particularly the very worst of the bad things. As if anticipating them might ward them off or somehow make them easier to deal with.

Good news: still no desire to drink.




4 thoughts on “Day 116: calming anxiety

  1. I am imagining the snarky Trump comments in my head, and they feel utterly appropriate.;)
    Anticipating scary outcomes, and being anxious are entirely human states of being.
    Recognizing these thoughts and feelings as they arise is utterly courageous and empowering.
    Mindfulness practices are called “practice” for a reason. We never get done. We never get perfect. Just stronger and more at peace.
    I am holding warm, calming, peaceful thoughts of you in my heart and will send energy your way tomorrow.

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  2. The idea that worrying is like praying for what you don’t want always helps get me out of it.
    It’s taken years for that to be true, however.
    Years of practice and remembering to be here now. Lots of reading and thinking.
    And I still worry. One of my kids is going through some SERIOUS stuff and I wish I knew what to do.
    So I try hard to let the universe do its thing…and I repeat the serenity prayer over and over.



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