Day 119: we are what we do


So if we don’t like what we are, the answer is to repeatedly do something different. Repeatedly. Act like the person you want to be, and very soon, you will be that person.

I was a boozer, a daily wine drinker, a bit of a lush.  And now I’m on day 119 of repeatedly drinking only nonalcoholic beverages. ☕️🥛

I was a sedentary procrastinator, lolling about, a bit lazy. And now I’m on day 10 of repeatedly doing some form of exercise. (The husband has since joined in and is on day 2!) 🏃‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️

I was someone who chose wine first and foremost over just about everything else. If there wasn’t going to be wine, I wasn’t interested. And now I’m searching for things to do and experience without wine. It’s a work in progress. A project. And I do love 💕 projects.

Happy Sober (and healthy) Tuesday,


p.s. I have often wanted to be a writer. And I guess I’m doing that now too. 😊📝

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