Day 120: be like a turtle


I listen to a lot of podcasts and read a lot of blogs, books, etc. All about sobriety. (Obsessive much? Yep.) Getting sober, staying sober, and the long term benefits of living a sober life.

And this is what I have learned. Or what I think anyway. The first year is just the beginning. The first year is about getting through, learning how to be an emotionally healthier person, creating new habits, and recognizing the benefits of living a sober lifestyle. But that’s just the first year.

The second year is when the magic happens. It’s when you begin to see how far you (little 🐢 turtle) have actually come. When you move slowly, it’s hard to see the progress sometimes, but even turtles can travel great distances over time. (Fun fact: sea turtles swim slowly but migrate thousands of miles each year.)

In some ways the journey is a bit of a mystery. You don’t really know where you’re headed, just that it’s a healthier place. Like the turtle, we trust our instincts and keep moving forward. The only way to find out where you are going to end up is to keep going.

Be like a turtle.



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