Day 124: priorities


Little turtle 🐢 is having a rest. As it turns out, thirty days of continuous exercise is unrealistic for me, right now at least. Even with the option of gentle yoga, there are days when busy, busy, busy leads to hot bath and straight to bed. There are also days when back pain leads to hot bath and straight to bed. I have had each of these types of days this weekend. So my streak ended at thirteen days. But it is also true (and a more positive spin) that I have exercised thirteen of the last fifteen days! Well that sounds like a lot. Go me. 😊

We have to keep our priorities straight, yes? We mustn’t beat ourselves up over being human. And we can’t expect to figure every blasted thing out on the first try (or the second or third either). So we take a little break from the self improvement plans, be happy there are no cravings for wine, and take life as it comes for a bit.

124 days wine free. Happy to be out of the trap, free of the obsession, feeling healthy and whole. That’s more than enough for today.

Happy Sober Sunday,



3 thoughts on “Day 124: priorities

  1. 124 days is awesome! I bet you are feeling all shiny and new. Have a rest, too much exercise isn’t a good thing anyway 😊 (I can be such a sloth at times 😆) xxx

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  2. When you’re exercising, you need to schedule in days off. Your body needs recovery time. Rest, be nice to yourself and good for you on 124 days!

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