Day 125: some days are just annoying

76CC1C11-1979-4DDD-844D-F1677633CEB9Some gratitude is needed on this annoying day.

1. The weather is fantastic.

2. A work break is on the horizon.

3. Netflix. Laughter. Bed.

Tomorrow is likely to be a better day.



7 thoughts on “Day 125: some days are just annoying

  1. Thank you for reminding me of this. Some days can just suck, but there’s always a new day ahead and hopefully it’s brighter. I love your blog. Day 78 for me.

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      1. Thanks for the encouragement. And my comment got a like from Finding a Sober Miracle! Woot! Yes, days are brighter ahead!


  2. This is so true. I think we think that it should just be light and fluffy all the time but some days, I’m still sober, and life sucks but I just say this too shall pass.

    I’m at 4 weeks today. Love reading your blog and following all of the sober tribe as I navigate this journey. I especially love your gratitude everyday, what a great idea!


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