Day 126: 18 weeks and cautiously optimistic


I think this new sober life project thingy is more about the journey than the destination. Or maybe it’s both?

So lately I’ve had this new feeling, but I haven’t till now tried to articulate it, I think out of fear that I might chase it away. It’s a good feeling… peaceful? happy? content? A single word doesn’t really come to mind. It’s a lessening of anxiety. A comfort in just being. I want to say it’s that I’m feeling free, free of cravings, of angst, of worries about the imaginary future. But it seems too soon for that and I don’t want to fall into a pit of despair (drama anyone?) if it doesn’t last. So let’s just say I’m feeling cautiously optimistic that my life is going to turn out awesome. 😉 That maybe my life is actually already awesome and I’m finally far enough away from the booze soaked haze to be able see the truth of it.

Yep, today was a better day than yesterday.

Gratitude: nontoxic me, amazing kids, lovely husband, rewarding work, adorable doggies. All that and the new cleaning person is coming tomorrow.

Happy Sober Tuesday,


6 thoughts on “Day 126: 18 weeks and cautiously optimistic

  1. “Life could be a breeze,” was the lyric from an old song. I used to hear people say that they loved life, and I would think, either they are lying or they have a much easier life than I do. The real difference was that I was viewing mine through wine goggles. NO LIFE looks good for long when you’re always hungover and anxious, searching for your next drink.

    But once I got that feeling of cautious optimism, it never went away. 💕

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  2. It sounds like you are in a really nice place at the moment. It must feel amazing to ‘be free’ (imagine I whispered that…cautiously optimistic and all that! 😁) It was so lovely to read this, made me feel calmer as I went along 👍😃🙏🏻 xxx

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