Day 131: little turtle


Is little turtle inspired or overconfident?Delusional or suicidal?

I feel afraid for him, but then I remember, he’s actually venturing into his natural habitat. It’s where he belongs. And once he gets far enough along, he’s going to thrive. His confidence in this moment appears to be a miracle, but really he’s just trusting his instincts.

I want to be like little turtle. 🐢

Happy hangover-free Sober Sunday,



5 thoughts on “Day 131: little turtle

  1. I often visit a beach where these little guys hatch and start making their way to the water. As fascinated onlookers gather to watch the spectacle, some are tempted to pick them up and help them on their way to the ocean. However, there is a Beach Turtle Volunteer there to discourage this sort of “help”. The strength they develop on the journey enables them to swim when they reach the water. I have found many lessons for helping me in my sobriety journey from this experience.

    Thanks for sharing the strength you are gaining in your journey toward swimming into a big sober ocean.

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