Day 136: trying to be like a tree


We had a social obligation tonight. Three hours of wanting to be somewhere else, unfortunately. And I told someone I “don’t drink wine anymore.” It just slipped out when she asked what I was drinking and mentioned knowing how much I love wine. I apparently am difficult to recognize without a wine glass in my hand. I could tell she felt uncomfortable with the conversation after that and I couldn’t figure out what to say next. Awkward.

I drove the tipsy husband home. That was cool. But I enjoy drinking with him, so that part’s a bummer.

I do miss wine on nights like this. But I’ll be happy not to have a hangover tomorrow morning.

And there was cake. Really good cake.





9 thoughts on “Day 136: trying to be like a tree

  1. God this sounds so much like so many of my recent nights. This slow dawning that this new normal is still work, slightly boring and often anxiety provoking. But but but, there are no hangovers and cake. Always cake xx I’m day 217 and some days I feel like I’m just hanging on and some days I’m flying. But I never regret NOT drinking ever.

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  2. We have a long, family event tonight. I am really not looking forward to it.
    However, I would not be looking forward to it if I were drinking, either.
    I am looking forward to being refreshed and hydrated when I drink water all evening.
    I am looking forward to falling into bed clear-headed and naturally tired tonight.
    I am really looking forward to a hangover free Sunday morning tomorrow.
    Also, it is an 80th birthday celebration so there definitely will be cake. 🙂
    Happy sober Saturday, jen!

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  3. Same here. Dinner party feeling awkward without my wine. Longed for it. Lonely without it in my hand. But no damn cake. (That was the real heartbreak.) But happy to drive husband home and satisfied waking up sober. Day 90 for me and hoping dinner parties get easier.

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  4. It’s always great when there is cake.
    Life absolutely not boring or anxiety provoking.
    I’m heading to Vancouver to see Slayer Wednesday and then continuing on to Columbus to Rock on the Range!
    We never would have done this in our drinking days. Too much effort!

    Ok. Not boring, but maybe sometimes anxiety provoking.

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