Day 137: perfect storm of torture


Word has it that each uncomfortable situation endured alcohol free is an opportunity for growth.

Well, lucky me, within the last twenty-four hours I was fortunate enough to be presented with no less than three such opportunities: a graduation party, a bridal shower, and a family dinner. All of these lovely events centered around close family, so they were pretty much unavoidable. This perfect storm of torture came about so that family coming in from out of town wouldn’t have to travel more than once. Nice for them, but a rough time for my introverted self.

Let’s review some of the lessons learned, shall we?

  • Sometimes the kid table is the best place to hang out.
  • Decaf coffee is fantastic with after dinner cake.
  • Good conversation is just as good without alcohol. Bad conversation though is noticeably worse.
  • You are almost never the only one in the room struggling with something.
  • The power of a nap plus a shower should never be underestimated.
  • No emotional state, positive or negative, is permanent.
  • Drinking face is not attractive.
  • Driving sober at the end of the night is a liberating experience.
  • Waking up hangover free is the best.
  • Expecting positive choices from teenagers is a lot easier to justify when you’re making positive choices yourself.

Through all of this, I craved sugar but not wine. And I only felt like I was missing out at one of the three events. In fact, what bothered me about the weekend had very little to do with the fact that I wasn’t drinking. I simply don’t enjoy this degree of social interaction. And yes, in the past I would have used wine to prop myself up a bit (a lot) but with some rough consequences.

And now it’s done. Whew. And I can look forward to tomorrow with a crystal-clear conscience, mostly-healthy gut, and quite a bit of pride.

Good enough. I’ll take it.


5 thoughts on “Day 137: perfect storm of torture

  1. What a fantastic post!! I hear you – I have learned that I can do without the booze and it’s more likely that I drank because I don’t like social interaction, the same as you! I think you are brilliant 🤗 So glad you wrote this post x

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