Day 146: train your mind


In an effort to be my mostly positive self, I thought it would be helpful for me to look for some things that I genuinely appreciate about my mom.


does not criticize me.

is generous when it comes to the big stuff (like helping kids with college).

encourages me when I want to do things I might feel guilty about (like naps).

does not put a lot of demands on me.

tries to be helpful.


Happy Sober Monday,


2 thoughts on “Day 146: train your mind

  1. Interesting that we all seem to have these complex, complicated relationships with their mothers. As I’ve gotten older, I found through some self-reflection, that what I struggle with in her personality is also mirrored in my own personality and that’s a brutal pill to swallow. I’m glad that you’re reflecting on the positive things, I think we all need to do more of that no matter what it is. Congrats on staying sober!

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