Day 149: slow but steady…

B03DD6AD-E8B2-4FCC-AB9A-1D41E1743F64The further along I get, the more I realize that small incremental changes towards my Happy Sober Life are the way to go. Quitting drinking is a huge enough adjustment all by itself. The rest can evolve bit by bit. New hobbies, goals, fitness… none of it has to happen right away.

This is a long term project.

Happy Sober Thursday,


4 thoughts on “Day 149: slow but steady…

  1. So so true.
    I think that we put so much into our early sobriety that when it slows down to manageable and we are not thinking of it every moment of everyday, we then feel like we must start another ‘project’, that we must keep our minds busy, but really we need down time as much as busy time xx

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  2. Yup. It’s all about the journey. There is no destination, except, perhaps, death.
    So rather than rush myself to that end I have drastically worked on letting go of my intense need for instant gratification and results.

    I multi task less.

    I slow down and smell the roses.

    That is where the beauty of life is. In the small, still and common moments.

    Stillness and peace

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