Day 157: a good day on a Friday

008EE9B5-BA10-4E95-A047-14E97F18A540Today was a good day because I…

1. found scientific evidence to support my urge for a daily afternoon nap.

2. then took an afternoon nap!

3. enjoyed a walk in nature with a friend.

4. started a project I’ve been avoiding for months.

5. had a nice sit on the deck with sunshine and my “ginger brew.”

6. cooked an easy dinner that ended with a cupcake.

7. will be ending the day with some reading and a bath.

Not bad for the day of the week that has often given me the most sober-girl angst.

Happy Sober Friday,


4 thoughts on “Day 157: a good day on a Friday

  1. I am also having a good Friday evening.
    Fridays are sometimes still a bit itchy.
    Much less often, but sometimes.
    So I get to appreciate the nice ones even more.
    And it feels good to know I have a sober internet pal who is having a good evening too.
    Think I’ll pop a cupcake, have some tea, and tuck in with my book and my kitty for a nice, long, comfy, sober sleep.
    Ahhhh. 🙂
    Happy Friday, jen

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  2. Happy Friday to you Jen! I have been reading silently for most of your journey. But “ginger brew” caught my eye today…could you tell me what it is? I have ended up drinking ginger beer but it is so sweet and would love to learn about an alternative. thanks!!!! Beth

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    1. Mine might be too sweet for you also. It’s actually a soda, made by Sky Valley. It’s not sweet like regular soda, but it’s a little sweet and less gingery than ginger beer. It’s hard to find a good non-sweet and nonalcoholic drink.


      1. Many thanks. And yes, it is hard to find the right beverage not too sweet nor loaded with artificial sweeteners.


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