Day 158: a creative outlet


Found a new podcast today – Unruffled, Art in Recovery.  These ladies say every single person has the potential to be creative. I haven’t gotten very far in, but I assume they’re going to link creativity to maintaining sobriety. Hmm…

My dad and my grandparents on his side of the family were very artistic, but I didn’t seem to get that gene.

I have always enjoyed attempts at creativity, however. And I’m somewhat creative in my work life. And I do consider this blog to be a creative outlet…

It would be fun to find something new to try too.

I’m going to keep listening.


Today was a good day because I…

1. made some headway on two different projects at home.

2. spent some time with the darling daughter and favorite sister-in-law.

3. treated myself to a Chai Latte.

4. found that new podcast.

5. solved the problem of what to get the husband for a Father’s Day gift.

Happy Sober Saturday,


4 thoughts on “Day 158: a creative outlet

  1. I am really enjoyiing podcasts again so thanks for sharing about a new one! Can’t wait to give it a listen.
    Something I found recently is Sobriety Starts HERE. I tried to copy the link but it didn’t work. 😦
    It’s not a podcast, but interviews that Jean (Unpiclked Blog) shared because she was a guest! Her interview was wonderful – of course! And there are lots of others.
    New online resources are truly gems to discover. 🙂
    Happy Sober Sunday!


  2. <<My dad and my grandparents on his side of the family were very artistic, but I didn’t seem to get that gene<<<

    Oops.. that is old thinking! Accepting that others are more artistic than you. NO! you are an artist. you are creative. just because we don't paint, or sculpt, or such, there are other mediums that we express our artistry. your blog posts are expression of your unique creativity. your approach to life is unique and creative.

    i'm going to go listen to that podcast now. thanks!!!


  3. I’m learning calligraphy at the moment, I’m not very good but I enjoy it and practice makes perfect. I’ve also all the ingredients for scrap booking but have yet to put anything together. I’m not a naturally creative person but I enjoy it and that’s all that matters.

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