Day 160: what not to say


I’m having dinner tonight with two friends from college. We graduated 25 years ago and since then have gotten together just a handful of times. So they really don’t know me very well anymore. I think they likely remember me as pretty care-free and as reliable as the average college kid is when it comes to alcohol.

So I’m a little nervous. I won’t drink, but I don’t know what I’ll say about it. My plan is to get there early and order a lemonade. My plan is to avoid the topic altogether if I can. Unfortunately, however, my mouth sometimes seems to have a mind of its own and I find, to my utter dismay, absolutely unplanned sentences just falling right out of it.

Well intentioned relative: “Where’s your wine glass? We all know what a wine girl you are.”

Me: “I don’t drink wine anymore.”

Awkward silence.


Different lovely relative: “Oh we could have sat on the deck and drank wine together.”

Me: “But I don’t drink.” 

Unintelligible response.


I obviously haven’t had enough practice with this. 🙄 Could I be any more awkward or blunt? Sigh. I’m sure if higher levels of awkwardness can be reached, I’ll figure out a way to get there too.

Wish me luck please.




4 thoughts on “Day 160: what not to say

  1. ‘I’m sure if higher levels of awkwardness can be reached, I’ll figure out a way to get there too.’ 🤣🤣 This did make me chuckle!
    Hang in there! I really bloody hate having to explain it to people too… maybe just tell a white lie and say you are on antibiotics? Although I know saying that isn’t very helpful in the long run… 😬 xx

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  2. I am incredibly awkward at so many social things and introducing my new “no drinking” has been painful at times. I’ve thought about blaming medicine or an illness, but I just blurt it out and deal with the awkwardness. I have to say, true friends take it gracefully and you’ll be glad you did it – regardless of the reaction! You can do it!

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  3. Good luck, maybe awkward at first, then it’s over and then you can enjoy the rest of your evening catching up. Have fun x


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