Day 161: the dinner


Update from yesterday – the dinner.

Let me say first that it was mostly lovely with tons of laughter and fun catching up.

But things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. Shocking. I know. 🙄

OK, remember how I had planned to arrive early and order lemonade? Well friend number one arrived even earlier so that she could have a glass of wine. So there was that. But it was fine. I asked for lemonade and she didn’t bat an eye. No problem.

Then, when friend number two arrived, she wanted wine too. Of course she did. And there ensued a lengthy discussion regarding choices, and acidity, and flavor palettes or some such thing, and I’m thinking- when, for pete’s sake, did these ladies become such wine connoisseurs? This went on for a bit until the server offered to bring a taste of something she might like. Good idea. But guess what? She didn’t like it. For real? Yeah. So then the server brought two more samples for her to try. Seriously. At this point there were so many glasses of wine in front of me, my head was spinning. The whole scene was kind of a nightmare and I found it difficult to concentrate on what people were saying. For real.

But I got through that and things settled down. I got my equilibrium back. And we a good time.

We finished our meals and had some nice coffee. Perfect. The next step was the bill and we would go our separate ways. I was congratulating myself for having made it through and out the other side.

Then one of them says to me – Well look at you being all good. You didn’t drink anything. Gulp. My awkward reply (because you know it had to be awkward)- well, I had lemonade…and water…and decaf... and they laughed- decaf! Hah! I smiled. And said nothing.

And then we left.


Apparently it’s my job to arrange another gathering in the fall so that we can see friend number two’s new kitchen. And friend number one will be bringing the wine. Joy.

Happy Sober Tuesday,





3 thoughts on “Day 161: the dinner

  1. well done Jen! Your posts always resonate with me and make me smile… sounds like the ‘wine gods’ were playing tricks on you… unbelievable- I have never known ANYONE to try the wine and NOT like it!! (i know I never gave a shit when i sampled it, as long as it would get me drunk). Well done to you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 x

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  2. Well done Jen!!!
    My friend once sent a bottle of wine back because it was too yellow 😳, me, I didn’t care about the taste or the colour- just the hit.
    You’re a star ⭐️

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