Day 165: why is such a simple thing so hard to do?


Easier said than done, we say!

What would make it less difficult?

Romoving booze from the very center of so many of our cultures around the world? Wouldn’t that be lovely. Instead, I get an email from my local liquor store – Exciting news… We deliver! Seriously.

Chatting with the husband during the car ride yesterday, I asked if he was aware that alcohol use has been linked to several different cancers. Nope. And even after reading aloud from the article I was quoting, he still looked dubious. Sigh.

Then tonight at dinner our sweet son thought it would be funny to pretend he was taking shots with his milk. This was followed by a discussion as to whether or not pickle juice was a viable cure for a hangover. Double sigh.

Oh well, at least there’s this pretty view:


Happy Sober Saturday,


4 thoughts on “Day 165: why is such a simple thing so hard to do?

  1. My thoughts on alcohol in grocery stores, delivery, at fundraisers, etc has changed so much.
    It is a know carcinogen.
    It is a common factor in violent crimes.
    It ruins lives.

    The way our society includes it in everything we do is actually scary.

    Eye opening.
    Have a good night,

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  2. I was listening to a stellar interview with Laura McCowan on Sobriety Starts Here. She quoted someone telling her early in recovery: first it’s easy, then it’s hard, then it’s just different.
    Laura said, “I wouldn’t trade sobriety for anything, but it isn’t always easy.”
    I have been thinking about this a lot. Part of the “it’s hard” and also part of the “it’s different” for me has been waking up to how utterly ubiquitous alcohol and its influence is in our culture.
    It is nearly impossible to see it when you are using the drug and even for many who don’t use it destructively, the inherent dangers just don’t register because we, as a culture, are swimming in a sea of denial.
    Denial that alcohol is an addictive drug. That it destroys lives. And so much more.
    Part of “it’s different” is learning so much about ourselves and the world around us and actively choosing to sit with the painful stuff “in the raw” without trying to escape or numb out.
    Sometimes that’s hard.
    Often it comes with beautiful revelations and gifts too.
    Take care,


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