Day 167: answers (maybe)


Thanks so much to the kind folks who took the time to comment on yesterday’s post “questions.”

I think it’s clear that alcohol is special in that it’s the most popular and celebrated drug in our society. As Deb has said, it’s “ubiquitous.” (Had to double check my understanding of that one, by the way.) We are socialized to believe that alcohol is the answer to just about every emotion – happy, sad, mad- and the perfect accompaniment to every event – celebratory, mournful, everyday life. In fact, we, as a culture, have been known to invent activities to go along with the alcohol. Beer pong anyone?

Another thought came to me today as I was reading sober blogs and thinking over my questions. What happens when an ordinary smoker gives up cigarettes? Well, they suffer for a while, maybe have some stops and starts, etc. But once they have really and truly fully quit, what happens next? Deep introspection as to why they used nicotine to relax, reward themselves, or soothe an emotion? Daily practice of new life skills to replace the old? Not hardly. And why not? They’ve still got alcohol for those things! Indeed, how many ex-smokers do you know who also gave up alcohol? Or do most of them still drink? Yep.

Maybe instead of baths, cake, and mindfulness, I should take up smoking! 🙄

Hah! No chance.

Happy Sober Monday. Today I’m feeling proud of being alcohol free. Hope you are too.



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