Day 170: little turtle is tired


I read a book tonight during the time when I would normally be writing. And the book was completely unrelated to sobriety! I haven’t put a random book ahead of the blog in all these many days.

Is this a turning point? Have I run out of things to say? I don’t think so. But the sense of urgency around getting my thoughts out of my head and onto the page does seem to be lessening. Maybe because the changes of early sobriety are leveling off, the pace feels more steady but also slower.

Time will tell, I suppose, but I enjoy writing enough that I’m likely to keep at it. 😊 In fact, I already have an idea of what I’ll be writing about tomorrow.

And there is a part of me that’s afraid to stop, even for a day. You see, this blog is my sobriety insurance. As long as I continue to report in, there’s no chance of me drinking.

And on that note…

Happy Sober Thursday,


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